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Signs your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced

If your air conditioning unit is not operating as effectively or as efficiently as it normally does, it you may need to either repair or replace your air conditioner.

Like all appliances, your air conditioner won’t last forever and below are some possible signs your air conditioner might be in need of a repair or could in fact be passed the point of being repaired and it might be time to consider a replacement.

Your electricity costs have suddenly skyrocketed

Even if your air conditioner appears to be operating normally, a sign that your system has a problem is an increase in your power bills. In some cases it might be worthwhile organising an energy audit by your energy provider to work out whether your air conditioner is the cause of the increase in your energy bill.

This can often be the case if your air conditioning system is old, is not an inverter system and or is reaching the end of its working life and is having to work harder than normal to maintain the desired temperature. Unfortunately, the costs to operate an older and sluggish air conditioner will increase the older the unit becomes, and you will continue to see an increase in your energy bills over time.

All of Daikin’s current range of split and ducted air conditioners use inverter technology and are therefore very energy efficient. A benefit of upgrading and replacing an old and inefficient existing air conditioning system is the up to 30% saving on your existing air conditioner’s running costs which means a reduction on your energy bill, whilst providing you far superior heating and cooling comfort.

Your unit is emitting strange noises and smells

If your air conditioner has suddenly started making strange noises or emitting bad odours, then it is definitely time to schedule a service.

A minor change in the noise or a strange smell can often be simply rectified by either washing or replacing the air conditioning filters. Organising an annual general maintenance service to have the air conditioner thorough checked and cleaned is also a great idea to make sure there are no major issues with the system.

However, if the unit is making loud grinding, rattling or screeching sounds this could be an indication of a much more serious problem and it is best to organise a service call straight away to have the problem investigated further or before further damage is caused to the air conditioning system.

Never ignore a foul odour or a burning smell from your system as this usually means that your air conditioning unit has a problem that needs to be attended to immediately.

A foul smell can circulate throughout your air conditioning system and may contaminate the air in your home. These smells may carry minute particles that could possibly create health issues and any strange smell coming from your air conditioner, either inside the home or at the external condensing unit, should not be ignored.

Your unit is short cycling

It is normal for your air conditioning system to cycle on or off to maintain the temperature the unit has been set at.

If, however your air conditioner is spontaneously short circuiting or switching itself on and off frequently or taking an unusually long time to get started once switched on, then we recommended you book in a service call.

Not addressing short cycling can lead to further issues and add extra stress on your air conditioning system and it could be a simple fix such as the air conditioning technician replacing a blown fuse or wire.

Diminished Air Flow or Moisture Leaking

If you have noticed your air conditioner isn’t cooling or heating as well as it normally does or there is excessive moisture leaking from the indoor unit then it is advisable to have someone look at it as the reduced airflow could be as simple as a dirty filter and the leaking indoor fan coil could be just a block in the drain hose.

Inconsistent temperatures or a significant reduction in airflow, that doesn’t improve after cleaning the filters, could be a symptom of a much bigger problem such as a refrigerant gas leak and needs to be investigated further.

An air conditioning technician will be able to assess if your air conditioner is suffering from a gas leak as well as determine the source of the leak, either at the unit itself or on the refrigerant gas lines.

Depending on the age of the unit, the type of refrigerant gas used and how much gas the system has lost, the serviceman will be able to advise you whether or not it is economically viable to re-gas the air conditioner or whether you should consider replacing the unit.

It should also be remembered that older air conditioning systems use very inefficient refrigerant gases that are also very harmful to the environment when there is a gas leak and is another reason you should consider replacing your air conditioner.

Your unit is old or requires frequent repairs

Is your air conditioner getting on in years and isn’t working as well as used to or worse still are you constantly having to repair or top up your system with refrigerant gas just to get through the summer or winter?

There will come a point in the life of your air conditioner where it will be causing you more headaches and expense than it is probably worth. If your air conditioner requires regular repairs to keep it operating, you are undoubtedly throwing good money after bad and replacing the air conditioner may be a much more sensible option from both an economic and operational point of view.

We understand that most customers don’t like the idea of having to replace their existing air conditioner and will wait till it has totally broken down before buying a new system.

However, if you think that your unit has come close to the end of its working life then there are a number of advantages of replacing your old system rather than waiting till it’s totally irreparable.

Firstly, having the opportunity and time to plan when you want to buy and replace your old air conditioner is far less worrying than finding out your system has broken down in the middle of summer and needs to be replaced. Summer is when you most need your air conditioner and it’s also always the busiest and most hectic time of the year to organise to replace your existing air conditioner quickly and stress free.

Secondly, buying a new Daikin air conditioner will provide you with peace of mind as you will receive a five-year warranty on the unit as well as a warranty on the installation. Most customers don’t realise that when repairing old air conditioning systems there is either no warranty, or a very limited warranty, provided on any repairs carried out.

Thirdly, all new Daikin systems are inverter units which means the technology that are built into these today’s air conditioners make them extremely energy efficient. A new inverter unit are far more economical to run than old inefficient air conditioner which means installing a new inverter system will see a reduction in your energy bill.

Fourthly, there is also the opportunity to replace your old system with a new air conditioner that is modern, more compact and designed to look better in and outside your home. Plus we shouldn’t forget the latest technology and features available on the new air conditioning system will also ensure your system operates more efficiently, effectively and quieter as well as provide you with many more options such as Wi-Fi, powerful mode, etc. that are not currently available on your existing system.

If you can Identify any of the above Signs it’s time to Act

If you recognise any of the above warning signals then it’s time to either call a qualified technician to service your unit or accept that your existing unit is old and may not be worth repairing. Instead it may be time to replace your air conditioner with a newer unit and enjoy the benefits of a new system that is far more effective as well as more economical to operate.