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Are you looking for an air conditioning service in Sydney? Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit will ensure your system is always operating at peak performance.

With regular use dust, dirt and allergens can easily become trapped in the filters, limiting air flow and machine function. Regular servicing (at least annually) will ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently and continues to provide you with temperature controlled comfort and clean air to breathe. Regular maintenance will keep your machine in tip-top condition for when you need it most.

Why Service your Air Conditioner regularly?

Scheduled and regular maintenance is a small price to pay to ensure optimal function of your air conditioning unit. Beating the hot summer heat doesn’t just require an air conditioning unit, but one that operates efficiently. Don’t leave your service to the last minute, even as the weather gets cooler in the winter months preventative and scheduled maintenance is just as important.

Regular inspections reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
The majority of the time unexpected breakdowns can be avoided with regular servicing to inspect, clean and repair any damage.

Lower your energy costs

When dust, dirt and grime build up your air conditioner has to work even harder, using more electricity and resulting in higher energy costs to you. Regular maintenance and cleaning will allow your air conditioner to run more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and saving you money.

Improve longevity and extend your warranty

While an annual service might seem an extra cost at first, it not only ensures optimal function, but also allows the technician to note any potential issues and to mitigate them before they arise. Maintaining function of your machine will improve longevity and extend your warranty.

Improve indoor air quality

The filtration system of any air conditioning unit is key to the air quality produced. When the filters become blocked with dust, pollens and other airborne particles the quality and the amount of air output becomes compromised. Servicing will involve a thorough clean of all filters improving indoor air quality.

What does an air conditioning service near me include?

Did you know our highly trained team of technicians service all types of air conditioning systems from split system air conditioner services to reverse cycle, ducted and more. We will inspect, clean and service your system on the spot.

Our team will come to your home and:

  1. Empty drainage trays and clear drain lines
  2. Check the refrigerant to ensure it is operating efficiently and the refrigerant is at optimal levels
  3. Clean any dust, mould and mildew from the filters, airways and ducting
  4. Check the fans and blades for proper airflow circulation
  5. Check and thoroughly clean the evaporator coils, condensation lines and condenser
  6. Ensure the cooling tower is working efficiently
  7. Inspect all pulleys, belts and filters
  8. Inspect the overall unit function for any damage
  9. Check air supply and flow
  10. Ensure all electrical connections are safely secured
  11. Ensure the outdoor system is adequately protected from the elements units
  12. To be sure optimal operating, maximum energy efficiency and longevity of your unit.

Types of air conditioning that we service

Preventative maintenance plans are available

Designed to avoid system failures and costly repairs, we even offer preventative air conditioning maintenance plans for air conditioning services in Sydney. Suitable for commercial and residential clients, implementing a preventative maintenance plan strategy allows you to be on top of your recommended regular servicing.

Reduce repair costs, improve efficiency, air quality and comfort, and increase machine life expectancy. With options from monthly to twelve monthly scheduling depending on your requirements, the environment and usage of the unit. A preventative maintenance plan allows you to be proactive in maintaining your air conditioning system/s. Our preventative maintenance clients also receive discounted rates and priority service.

At Iskra we are committed to keeping you cool, lowering your energy costs and saving you money in the long term, through ensuring your system is operating at its best. If you are looking for an air conditioning service in Sydney, contact our team today to find out more and schedule in your next service call with one of our qualified technicians. We also provide 24/7 emergency air conditioning services when needed.

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