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When your air conditioning system breaks down, or isn’t operating at full capacity, we have got you covered. We don’t just install air conditioning systems; we also offer an air conditioning repair service and air conditioning maintenance.

Signs your air conditioner may require an air conditioning repair service

Change in air flow and temperature

Is your air conditioner blowing hot air or feel as though the air output is compromised? This could simply mean the filters need cleaning or the refrigerant system or compressor may need fixing or replacing. It is best in all cases to address these issues as soon as possible, by calling in a licenced technician to come and inspect your unit.

Strange noises

Changes in how your air conditioning system sounds when operating could indicate that the fan may not be working properly, that a part has become loose, or something is blocked inside the unit. A licenced technician will be able to inspect, identify and repair the issue at hand.

Unusual odours

If your machine has started to emit an unusual smell it could potentially mean there is some mould in the ductwork. This should be immediately looked at by a trained professional as mould and other contaminants can be harmful to you and your family.

Short cycling

If your unit randomly turns itself off or struggles to turn on initially, there may be a defect with the wiring or a faulty fuse. Electrical issues should be addressed promptly to avoid further serious problems arising.

Looking for air conditioning repairs Sydney?

Our team of experienced and licenced technicians can assist with all your air conditioning maintenance needs.

Types of air conditioning we can service

It is important to note that any parts and consumables requiring replacement during the air conditioning maintenance service will incur additional charges. Any major work if required will be quoted prior to commencement.

What if my system needs to be replaced?

In the event that it is deemed more cost effective to replace rather than repair your air conditioning system, we will always advise accordingly and provide a quote to supply and install a new system that meets your needs. Replacement rather than repair is usually advised in situations where the air conditioning system is old, or the repairs required out way the cost of a new unit.

At Iskra we believe in building long term customer relationships and understand that a new system may not have been expected or in the budget. If you decide to proceed with the quote for a replacement system, we will gladly refund you back the amount of the service charge.

If you are wondering if there is an air conditioning repair service near me, look no further. From installation, to servicing, repairs and maintenance our team is ready and willing to assist. For more information or to book a call out, contact us today.

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