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Introducing the new R32 Refrigerant Gas Daikin AC Inverter and Premium Inverted Ducted air conditioning Series

With more and more people working from home, why not make your home and work environment an enjoyable temperature controlled experience with a Daikin AC ducted heating and cooling solution.

Industry leaders in the design of quality, efficient and reliable ducted system, Daikin manufacture systems that are considered to be the best in the market.

With the launch of the new R32 refrigerant gas Premium Inverter and Inverted Ducted air conditioning series, now is a great time to look at a Daikin AC solution for your home and office environment. By adopting advanced technologies, the new R32 refrigerant gas ducted models are designed to deliver a far more efficient performance across both heating and cooling, to reduce your energy usage as well as to save on your electricity bills.

The R32 refrigerant gas used in the new Daikin ducted air conditioning systems, is the next generation in refrigerants. These new Daikin AC models offer a 66% lower “Global Warming Potential Factor” than other ducted systems currently available on the market, providing less risk and harm to the environment.

With both new single and three phase models available, there is plenty of choice on offer including eight Inverter models from 5kw to 16kw and six Premium Inverter models from 7.1kw to 16kw.

Daikin are industry leaders and, with the launch of the new R32 refrigerant gas series, they have really outdone themselves. The new compact indoor fan coil design makes them sleeker, allowing the new models to be installed comfortably into even the tightest of roof spaces, providing heating and cooling solutions for just about any home.

With ducted indoor fan coils that are both Australian designed and manufactured, there is no doubt Daikin is the leading provider of ducted air conditioning solutions in Australia.